Welcome to my second blog.   This is my spot for talking about spirituality.  Primarily I’ll deal with Empathic Ability and similar psionic and psychic abilities.  Those are my strong spots and areas I have at least some personal experience with.  Chi manipulation, magick and such will be covered to some degree as well.

There are a TON of websites out there on various forms of spirituality, so what makes this one different?  For starters, I have absolutely ZERO to sell you.  For the most part, I believe the old but rarely heard adage that selling spiritual help or advice is bad karma and can outright weaken abilities.  Dealing with intuition and empathic abilities is tough enough without having to buy books, seminars, etc… with the promise of feeling normal.

Secondly, I have minimal philosophy to push on you.  I’m a Christian, but I’ve looked at several philosophies around the world, and found something of merit in all of them.  I also believe everyone has to find their own path.  The only thing you’ll regularly hear from me is don’t hurt or manipulate people, and treat each other the way you wish to be treated.  Simple right?

Lastly, I don’t claim to have all the answers.  In fact, you should be wary of anyone who does say so.  What I will do is share my experiences, talk about things that have worked for me, and encourage you to find your own path.

If I have anything resembling an ulterior motive, it’s the hope that I can integrate what I’ve learned more fully into my own life, and that blogging here will help me finish coming to terms with my own gifts.  So yes, we’ll be walking this journey together.


CONSTRUCTIVE comments, questions and ideas are always welcome and encouraged.


Lastly, my first blog is a writing one and focuses primarily on adult content.  Do not make any assumptions about what that means about me as a person OR what I have to discuss here.  Totally different facets of my being.