Pondering Old Issues For Me

This is going to be stream of consciousness for me; an effort to write out things I’ve been trying to work through lately. Maybe “talking it out” will gain me some perspective.

Well, first a small update for anyone that actually wants to read. My “project rebirth” thing was a wash for a while, SORT OF. I underwent spinal decompression therapy to try to reverse stage 3 spinal degeneration in my neck. The process broke down alot of internal scar tissue and left me pretty well sidelined for a while from the pain. I’m trying to get back on the horse again however.

The previous damage to my neck had done a major number on my spiritual gifts too. Energetic blockages. Blockages that have now been at least partially cleared up. You’d think that would be a good thing, BUT when you go from a hair over a muggle back to an ability as an empath that will let you sense people on the other side of the world, it’s… required major adjustment.

I’ve had to relearn old shielding techniques, and try to find new ones all while coping with a horrific amount of negative energy in the ether. This world is screaming in pain right now as “leaders” and media do everything they can to pit common people against each other. It’s overwhelming. The only real answer is to keep pushing through it; work on meditation, shielding and control.

And Then There Was THIS Blog…

So let’s be real here, I’ve done nothing with this blog for AGES. I’m shocked I still have any followers, LOL. Guess it helps that the info I provided thus far was good.

My major hangup about doing a spiritual blog is that the vast majority of spiritual people I’ve met online and in person seem quick to abuse their abilities, skirt common sense rules, AND react harshly when they’re advised caution. True even when they know better.

One such person I know did a tremendous amount of excellent writing on the dangers of spiritual attachments like cords and outright possession, but then admits to freely playing with ghosts. A good way to get burned, as ghosts can be just as deceptive and manipulative as anything from outside our realm. What’s worse; they aren’t bound by the same rules as those other things.

It’s always “I’m different, I can handle it” though. Aleister Crowley thought so too. All it took was one failure to properly close an Enochian ritual to twist him into “The Great Beast” though. On a more personal level, I had a student a good 20 years ago that got bitchy over the pace of her training and insisted on jumping into books on goetia (demon summoning) on her own. She got belligerent when told (by multiple people) it was something not to be messed with and then outright combative when I cut her off.

I could go on with other examples, like the lunatic who thought he was John the Baptist and tried to attack a friend and I both physically and spiritually, OR even the help mate who turned on me like a rabid dog after I broke a really nasty curse another witch had put on her. My crime? Advising her to be a better person so nobody did things like that to her again.

So yes… I wonder from a karma standpoint if creating a blog of techniques and advice is opening the door for people to things they’re not willing to handle responsibly. I hate to use the expression (because it sounds like I’m talking down), but am I effectively putting a gun into the hands of a child here? I don’t want that karma.

There IS the flip side argument though… To put it in Star Wars terms; “If we don’t train him, he’ll naturally drift to the Dark Side”. No easy answers.

I feel better for just “verbalizing” my doubts, but I’m still not much closer to an answer. The first thing I clearly have to do is get the empathic ability under control. Having an ability to sense and be influenced by spiritual energy with virtually global range and NO off switch sucks.

On Spiritual Materialism….

Well written, worthy of sharing, and oh so accurate. Moral exhibitionism abounds in the spiritual community.


On Spiritual Materialism….

These are not my words, however they ring true for me 😍

I don’t care how spiritual you are. How long you can melt in the sweat lodge. How many peyote journeys that have blown your mind, or how well you can hold crow pose. Honestly. I don’t. I don’t care what planets fall in what houses on your birth chart, how many crystals you have or how vegan your diet is.

I want to know how human you are. Can you sit at the feet of the dying despite the discomfort? Can you be with your grief, or mine, without trying to advise, fix or maintain it? I want to know that you can show up at the table no matter how shiny, chakra- aligned or complete you are- or not. Can you hold loving space for your beloved in the depths of your own healing…

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Project Rebirth

Yes, I’m back again, ready to give this yet another try.

I appreciate that my followers seem to have hung on despite this blog being largely inactive for ages. There’s a TON I want to say here, so I’ll apologize if this gets long and rambling.

So where have I been? Getting knocked around by life, falling on my butt, and struggling to get back up again. Dealing with fears and doubts that I thought I’d beaten, only to have them attack me from a different angle.

Reality is, I doubt I’m much different from anyone else. Especially those of us who are gifted with spiritual awareness and a connection to the Divine. So, part of my reason for writing this is to encourage all of you who have beat up by life to rise up and keep going. The world is becoming a dark place, and it needs every scrap of light and positive energy it can get. The ugly tone of politics, all the half true allegations flying around there and elsewhere… It’s NOT an accident. Neither, I believe is some of the misfortune we’ve been suffering.

First, if you want to recover, focus on recovery. Wallowing in injustices real and perceived only brings your spiritual energy to a lower vibration and keeps you stuck.

Second, and even more important, I’m not advocating rising up like some army or trying to become a superhero. There’s only ONE way to beat the combination of spiritual and human evil in the world today. That’s to pray, meditate and try to bring as much white light into the world as possible. Don’t lecture people. I think that’s the biggest flaw of organized religion. Instead, set a positive example via your words and ACTIONS.

Think of the world as a dark room full of people with unlit candles, and you hold a lit one. You light the next person’s candle with your own, then they spread that light to the next person, and so on. Before you know it, the entire room is overflowing with light. There’s no magical games involved, no forcing opinions on people, or debating with negative ones. Just be the best you that you can and let that light inspire others.

You WILL get tested again. Maybe knocked down again. There are hundreds of motivational sayings about the person who wins is the one who gets up one more time than they’re knocked down. Work on shielding. Work on your prayer and meditation. Work on improving your connection to the Divine. Pay attention to your intuition and guidance from above. It will warn you of impending danger IF you listen.

I’ve been knocked down repeatedly. Wrecked lower back, a neck that’s in even worse shape, inability to hold a regular job due to health issues, and that’s just the recent stuff. Verbally abusive mother, a violent drunk first step father that tried to shoot us all at one point, etc… It’s been bad and yes, I HAVE fallen into the bitterness and self-pity trap at points.

Again, that only draws more negative energy to you, which in turn attracts more negative events. You have to be determined to perservere.

There’s a great line from Rocky 4 also, where he’s talking about facing Ivan Drago:

“Maybe I can’t win. Maybe the only thing I can do, is just take everything he’s got. But to beat me… he’s going to have to kill me… and to kill me, he’s gotta have to heart to stand in front of me. And to do that, he’s gotta be willing to die himself… and I don’t know if he’s ready to do that.”

The Rocky analogy is a good one for this situation too. If you remember that fight, Rocky started out being boo’ed and hated by the partisan Russian crowd. He displayed heart and eventually won the crowd over with his refusal to quit. The world will test you just like spiritual powers will. Eventually your light will spread. If it doesn’t spread, at least as far as you like, take satisfaction in any good you have done and ignore the critics. They’ll always be there.

Either way, be that dettermined. Except for killing people, lol. The bottom line is that life changes when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You may not have to hit rock bottom, but you do have to be tired of living the way you are. Be determined to work and struggle for more. Never let anybody tell you that you can’t do it, you’re an idiot, etc… People like that are only projecting their fears and insecurities onto you.

If you all didn’t guess, this is where I’m at now. “Project Rebirth” is my resolution that I’m not living this way anymore. Like a Phoenix, I WILL rise again

I’m going to use every physical therapy, medical and spiritual option I can find to regain my health and my life. I’m through hearing I can’t do it. I’m through listening to my fears. From now on, they’re a “prove me wrong” challenge. I’m going to stand my gently and politely stand my ground also when I know I’m facing an evil or an injustice. It may take me years to get back to full health, but I will prevail.

And yes, I’m returning to my spiritual studies as well. I’m not sure how much I’ll have new here in terms of techniques, etc… but at the very least I’ll share my journey instead of hiding from it.

Pursuing Spiritual Studies for the Wrong Reasons

I’ve been inspired recently to start a series of articles or posts on the pitfalls of delving into psionics and magick. I’ll doubtless turn this into another tab on the menu once I get enough articles posted. Anyway, let’s start with the biggest pitfall of all; delving into the studies for the wrong reasons.

So what are the wrong reasons? Long story short; anything other than personal growth and enlightenment. The trouble is, even many people who THINK they’re getting into the studies for that reason often are going it seeking power or self-esteem.

The problem here is that spiritual energies operate on a “like attracts like” basis. I covered this in a previous post. What frequency of energy you’re working with primarily depends upon your emotional state and beliefs. Ergo, if you’re full of fear or feelings of inadequacy, you’re going to draw more of that energy to you. It can literally create a downward spiral that leads to even worse negative energies and experiences. You might still get the results you’re seeking. What I’m talking about is just as likely to manifest as secondary side effects of your work.

Being psychic, a mage, a witch, a shaman, a star child, etc… doesn’t make you special. We’re all children of the Divine, and therefore equally special. That’s true for even the biggest muggle on the planet. To understand though, you have to look at it from the other side. What you’re essentially saying to yourself and the universe is “It’s the magic, not who I am that makes me special”. That’s a recipe for poisoning your energy and your work.

Pursuing spiritual studies for the sake of getting more powerful SHOULD be an obvious mistake. Just as many people fall into this trap though. Some are bullied, neglected or otherwise abused. Some are just evil and want control. Others lack the insight to understand that power is NOT spiritual growth. True growth comes from acquiring wisdom and discipline.

That’s a harder lesson to truly ingrain than most people realize. A former friend hasn’t learned that lesson in thousands of years and several lives. Since Lemuria, she’s always chosen the path to power over wisdom, what’s morally correct, and even relationships. Every lifetime she’s gotten weaker also.

Lastly, there’s pursuing spiritual studies to be cool or popular, at least with similar minded people. This is kind of related to that “thinking you’re special”. Especially since it’s playing at the studies to get external validation instead of for personal growth. My ex tried to dabble with spiritual studies to be cool and try to one up me. Even my books rejected that, literally! My copy of Barrett’s “The Magus” would shock my ex whenever it was was touched.

There’s a side lesson there that REAL books (and similar knowledge) have a feeling of energy to them. If you’re not ready for them or acting the poser, they can do anything from make their knowledge incomprehensible to something like shocking you. The good part here is intuition can tell you if this is a book that’s right for you and if you’re currently ready for it (or should wait a little and study).

So, to get back on subject, if you’re pursuing spiritual studies for any reasons other than acquiring wisdom and spiritual growth, you’re going at it for the wrong reasons. You can potentially create a good deal of bad karma and upend your growth.

No matter where you are in your studies though, you can always stop and change your goals and focus.

Huna Principle #4

No, I didn’t miss #3. That’s actually “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” and I did it out of order. 🙂

Principle #4 is hugely important from a psychological and spiritual perspective. It’s “Now Is the Moment of Power”.

Like most of the seven principles, it’s deceptively simple, yet profound. From a spiritual perspective, anything you try to will into existence, manifest, pray for, etc… MUST be visualized in the now. The past is gone, you can’t manifest anything there. The future doesn’t exist as anything other than an abstract hypothetical or series of possibilities. Right now is the only thing you have power over, and the only moment that truly exists. “Some day, I’d like to be rich…” Well, if the universe ever gets to “some day” maybe it’ll happen, lol. Even if in your mind something will take time to make happen, visualize it’s seeds being planted NOW.

You can have the greatest ability to manipulate spiritual energy in the world but it all means nothing if you miss the target of the here and now.

From a psychological perspective… Humans spend far too much time dwelling on the past and wishing for the future. Yes, past events can be extremely painful. I’ve been through some really bad ones myself. The hard truth is they only have as much impact on our present as we choose to give them. The happiest day of my life was when I *finally* truly grasped this and Let It Go. 🙂

The future… Misdirected energy also since it doesn’t exist. Don’t focus on wanting to be rich or happy some day. Focus on the step you can take today to make your dream come true.

By the way… My hang up always was the idea that we should learn from the past. If you don’t, you repeat your mistakes. There’s a big difference between learning from the past and being controlled or outright consumed by it though. Learn from it, make reasonable amends if you can (and are the party in the wrong), then let it go while remembering the lesson.

Huna Principle #2

One more post. I’m doing my best to be more attentive to this blog. 🙂

Our second principle is the boldest statement of the bunch:

There Are No Limits

Let me start an explanation by quoting Serge Kahili King again:

“There are no real boundaries between you and your body, you and other people, you and the world, or you and God. Any divisions used for discussion are terms of function and convenience. In other words, Separation is only a useful Illusion. An additional meaning of this principle is that there are unlimited potentials for creativity. You can create, in some form or another, anything you can conceive.”

This explanation gets into some of the other Huna principles, such as the ideas that everything is connected and part of a greater whole. Because everything is connected and part of a greater whole, you have vast reserves of spiritual power flowing through you.

So does this mean you can jump off a building and fly? The best answer to that, in my opinion would be found in an old episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. The bridge officers were trapped on yet another alien world and they were facing off against re-creations of the Clanton gang at the OK corral. Spock realized that everything was all some sort of illusion, but real enough that believing in it even in the slightest would mean it could kill you. When he used the Vulcan Mind Meld to completely remove any doubts that the experience was an illusion, the crew was immune to the gunfire.

What I meant by that anecdote is that it may very well be possible to fly IF we could go through and put all those factors mentioned in the last post into absolutely flawless alignment and eliminate even the slightest doubt that we could. That’s a herculean task. Even the best hypnotist or worst drug trip is going to leave some part of your mind with rational doubt. It would take achieving a Buddha’s level of mental development.

Now if even that possibility sounds at all far fetched… Consider that until 1954, the four minute mile was considered an unbreakable barrier. It was common medical belief that a person’s heart couldn’t even take the strain of running that fast that far. After that barrier was finally broken, it quickly became routine. The current world record is down to 3 minutes and 43 seconds (and change). So much of what we do is limited by self doubt and societal scoffing. We may eventually get there (unaided flight) as a species, but it will likely be the far future.

Continuing that analogy, it’s far better in my opinion to use that principle of energy taking the path of least resistance and seeing what invention you can come up with to get the job done. Jet packs were thought to be impossible 10 years ago. We have prototypes making the news now. 😉 That’s the “some form or another” aspect of the quote above.

I guess what my sleep deprived mind is saying is to believe you’re capable of far more than you think, and don’t be afraid to reach for more, or manifest big dreams. Just also remember the last principle of Huna: Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth. More there later, but for the sake of this discussion it means take anything a step at a time, prove to yourself you can do that much and then proceed a bit further.

That’s the manifestation and spiritual end of things. From a living and psychology point, no limits means accepting that life can be as good as you want it. Faith and a positive attitude (supported by the other Huna principles) will help make it so.

Huna Principles, Pt 1

Or number 2, since I already did “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”

Either way, I promised (sort of) to cover the other six core principles of Hawaiian Huna. The first one is:

The World Is What You Think It Is

Right away, I’m going to eliminate the elephant in the room; those of you familiar with the Law of Attraction are going to notice these seven principles sound alot like LOA teachings. I prefer to think of it as similar but more clearly explained. It’s more than mind tricks for manifesting material goodies though. Read and reasoned through carefully, it’s a philosophy for living life happily and in harmony with the universe.

OK, so let’s get back to “The World Is What You Think It Is”. To quote Serge Kahili King; “This is the cornerstone principle of Huna, and it means that you create your own personal experience of reality through your beliefs, expectations, attitudes, desires, fears, judgements, feelings, and consistent or persistent thoughts and actions. This principle also contains the idea that by changing your thinking you can change your world.”

This has been said in many different ways among many cultures. It’s EASY to gloss over and ignore. There are powerful truths here however. First, let’s look at all the things that can impact your reality:

Beliefs, expectations, attitudes, desires, fears, judgments, feelings and consistent or persistent thoughts

To put it concisely, there are several ways to trip yourself up. To truly get the life and manifestations you want, ALL those things need to be in alignment. As an easy example, it doesn’t matter how much you want and wish for a million dollars. If your beliefs are that life is stacked against you and that you’re actually unworthy of the money, or that money is evil, or rich people are evil, you’ll never get it.

Manifestation and just living a happy life is all about aligning your thoughts.

Something else that needs to be addressed here is the word “experience” that was used. Spiritual energy shares a few traits with physical energy. One of them is that energy takes the path of least resistance. Hence the world “experience” instead of “reality”. So if you spend all your time wanting the world to be the best place possible and truly think the best of people, that is what you’re going to see and notice out in the world. A pessimist, or somebody that believes in a specific cause, etc… is going to notice things that support their world view also. The world is what you think it is. This little tidbit is true enough to make the vast majority of people also tune out things contrary to their views.

SO, you really do create your own reality. The universe simply works smart and instead of using vast amounts of energy to rewrite reality to everyone’s individual whim, it simply helps them focus on the aspects of our shared reality that they want or expect to see.

That pretty much covers the last line also; “This principle also contains the idea that by changing your thinking you can change your world.” Like everything in Huna, this sentence has multiple levels of meaning. Changing your attitude will change your world view and emotional state. On a higher level, manipulation of spiritual energy requires a changing and unification or focus of thought patterns and beliefs.

The Biggest Trick to Survival as an Empath

A post here is LONG overdue.  That said, let me just get straight to things so I avoid rambling.

This is one of those things that’s soooo simple I’m afraid it will get overlooked and discounted, much like God telling the Isrealites to look at Moses’ staff to be healed in the wilderness.  I see empaths making this mistake over and over again though, even when they should know better.

So what is the “trick”?  Do NOT be a slave to your feelings.  I know this runs contrary to popular culture, and much teaching (or talk at least) about empathic ability.  Feelings are sacred!  Feelings are power to shape the universe!  I understand getting caught up in that mess too.  I’ve had friends literally half a world away that I could sense everything going on in their lives.

Feelings are irrational and can lead you down dangerous paths sometimes.  The classic, hell stereotypical example of falling in love with a physically and emotionally abusive bad boy (or girl), for example.  Your heart can lead you astray when dealing with con artists and “players” also.  Then there’s just getting sucked into other peoples’ hate also.  Those kind of people feed on the negative energy you send them.

If you learn to pay attention to feelings without worshiping them…  Use your intellect to explore if they’re yours, somebody else’s or even rational, you can do ALOT to take back control of your emotional well being as well as your mental and physical health.

The alternative is becoming a person who is always consumed by sadness and drama, and attracting even more of it to you.  Remember, Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.  Optionally, you could get angry, bitter and withdraw from much of life.  That’s an even bigger hell for an empath.  No matter how much we think we’re introverts, we need other people around us.

Sadly, most empaths are so dependent upon their empathy as a radar and interpersonal communication guide, they don’t even realize that you can shield yourself from emotional energy just like any other form of spiritual energy.  You may have to cut spiritual attachment “cords” though to be truly effective.

One trick here that I’ve only recently figured out (there’s ALWAYS room to learn and grow) is to use a bubble shield and then “feel” the emotions hitting the shield without letting them through.  It’s been a godsend technique for me.

A Lesson From Hawaiian Huna

I had another article that I was going to do first, BUT I think this is important for laying the groundwork for the other post.  Heck, maybe I’ll cover more about Huna after this, as I’ve been fascinated by it for ages.  For those NOT in the know, Huna is a Hawaiian spiritual philosophy (not a religion).  There’s not a ton written about it.  That’s largely because it’s made up of 7 simple precepts.  However, the more you practice and think about them, the more you’ll realize how they connect and the deeper meanings and possibilities.

This isn’t the first precept, but it’s the one I’m going to talk about today.  Maybe I’ll do the others in future posts.  This one is a key concept for Empaths and anybody with spiritual gifts to grasp though:

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Odd but true story; I was reciting this one on my own (the exact wording) since I was 7 or 8 years old.  That was long before I’d heard of spirituality in any form beyond organized Christian religion.  Then again, I’ve been told I’m reincarnated from Mu (Lemuria); the mythical Polynesian ancestral home also.

If you think about it, nearly every school of spiritual teaching has SOME variation on this idea.  It’s a key principle in the Law of Attraction.  It’s a basic psychology concept too.  I think Huna puts it most concisely however.

So why is the concept important?  Because like energies attract.  That means you get more of what you focus on.  This is doubly dangerous for an empath.  Get caught up in negative emotions (usually not even your own), focus on them, and what you’re doing is drawing even more negative energy towards you (and into your system).  This is a common trap for emapths.  Its why so many of us stay miserable until some big event that’s charged with positive emotional energy shocks the empath out of their pattern.

The drivel nowadays that feelings are sacred and we should wallow in them endlessly only helps to deepen the trap.  Feelings are many things, but first and foremost they’re tools and meant to be balanced by the tool of intellect.

From any spiritual standpoint, never focus on the problem.  All you’ll do is feed it and make it bigger.  Acknowledge the problem, but put your focus on all the possible solutions.  You’ll draw positive energy to you and open the doors to a solution instead of perpetuating the problem.

As I mentioned earlier, this idea even carries over to psychology.  So whether you believe it’s a matter of spiritual energy or simple mindset, it holds true.

If you’re curious about the Law of Attraction aspect of this and why the LOA never seems to work for most poeople…  There’s a trick there also.  You don’t get what you want; you get what you believe you deserve.  That’s why egomaniacs and sociopaths always seem to to so well in life until karma catches up with them.  What you believe you deserve is always where the majority of your energy will go though.

If you REALLY want to change your life; learn to think positive, believe in your self worth (without becoming a narcissist) and remember that Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

Don’t Judge?

This concept came up yet again in Liz’s reply to my last post.  I think it’s one I have to voice an opinion on now.  The thing is, judging situations and people is an important part of life.  It’s doubly so for empaths if we’re to avoid being exploited and manipulated.  Let’s start with the obvious.  Is it wrong to judge:

  1. Pedophiles
  2. Murderers
  3. Rapists

I doubt anybody remotely rational would say it’s wrong.  I’ve met a few crazies that would excuse that kind of behavior though.  I think where some well-meaning people in the middle get tripped up is that they can’t or don’t want to understand that you can judge a behavior and person as wrong while still having some understanding of the circumstances that led a person to do something bad.  You can have sympathy for a drunk driver having  just been dumped, but that doesn’t excuse their killing 3 other people while driving drunk.


All of this sort of leads back to my post on boundaries.  We have to be able to make judgments about right and wrong, people and situations to be able to establish reasonable boundaries.  In my opinion, the key lies in the proper translation of that Bible verse: “Judge not unrighteous judgments, lest ye be judged”.  To me, that means you do NOT go for blood over an argument caused by somebody having a bad day.  The reaction has to rationally fit the situation, factoring in if it’s a repeating issue.

Another part of that is letting go of hate and anger.  OK, your significant other cheated on you and left (as another example).  It’s fair to say they’re a bad person.  It’s also fair to say you don’t want to see them again.  Beyond that, let it go.  Hanging onto hate only poisons your own soul, blocks your growth as a person and allows no room for better things to take the place of what you lost.  All of that is the start of proper, wise judgment.


Part of the reason I rally against the “no judgment” crowd is that it’s so often used as another way to manipulate people into saying they should have no standards, no discernment and no common sense.  These folks are sometimes doing things they know are morally or legally wrong and don’t want to be called on it, OR just use “don’t judge” as a way to shut down debate, and guilt or bully people into their point of view.  Ironically, the last type is VERY prone to judging people they disagree with.


So there you have it.  It’s perfectly fine to judge, just do so with wisdom and compassion.