Advanced Clearing Exercise

I stumbled onto this exercise after decades of feeling completely thwarted in every aspect of my life.  I was promised that it was ideal for fixing that exact situation.  The person I got it from picked it up from a Buddhist monk.  Where the monk got it from, I don’t know.  Presumably another Buddhist monk, LOL.  Here’s the premise behind it:

The reason some events are so hard to overcome is because of the connections between the energy / emotions, and the mental processes (memories and inner dialogue) connected to them.  Stop and ponder that for a moment.  Recall a time where you REALLY felt at your wit’s end with a situation.  Can you recall how your body felt?  Do you recall feeling all knotted up inside, or like a weight was pressing down on you, or that you were all wrapped by an invisible cable?  THAT is what we’re talking about here.
It’s a two part problem with the energy and emotions anchoring the memories and dialog.  This is why things like affirmations and such only have short term effectiveness at best.  However, if you clean out the energy connected with the issue, that issue loses it’s anchor and power.

First thing you’ll want to do is find a peaceful, quiet place to sit down.  I generally don’t recommend laying down as people tend to fall asleep.  Keep your spine straight during the exercise, as energy flows better that way.

What you’ll want to do is focus on a specific issue you’ve been trying to clear.  Yes,one issue at a time.  If you’re really screwed up, you may be repeating this exercise several times on several issues, LOL.  Get a memory of that specific issue pictured clearly in your mind; the event, the feelings, etc.

Next you’ll want to pay careful attention to how your body reacts to that.  Feel for blockages of negative energy in your body.  There’s no rhyme or reason to where it might be, or how it might feel.  It could be a tight, constricting feeling, a sinking feeling, a swirling feeling, etc… and could be anywhere in your body; back, neck, stomach, head, foot, boob(s), eyeball… who knows.

Once you’ve located the energy, shut down the memory.  You want your attention completely on the energy only.

There are a couple of ways to proceed from here.  Whatever option you take, grounding and white light at this point will help your work.  Take the energy and push it out of your body.  Using he white light I’ve found helps undo the “glue” that may be helping the energy stay rooted.

If the energy doesn’t want to move, there’s the option of trying to ground it out.  Force that with the white light if needed.  If the energy is moving, there’s the advanced option; use the white light to increase the vibration of the bad energy as it exits your body.  The easiest way to do this is to sense the frequency of the white light and will the bad energy to vibrate faster and faster until it matches the white light.

One option is elevating the energy and then reabsorbing it so it can be put to positive use.  Me personally, I find it safer to release it into the world to be fully renewed.  Then fill in the gap in your personal energy with white light.  Nature abhors a vacuum, even spiritually, so if you leave a hole in your energy, it’ll fill in with some sort of energy.  Best to make it as positive as possible.

Once you do that, you’ll find the issue has lost most if not all of it’s power over you.  The bad memory won’t hold the same power, etc…  HOWEVER, there is a chance you may have to repeat this more than once with an issue because the energy will have built up in more than one location in your system.

I’ll also add from personal experience that it’s a very good idea afterwards to talk down the mental aspect also.  Use affirmations that it was no big deal and that you’ve now overcome it, you’re on your way to a wonderful life, etc…  That way both sides of the issue have been eliminated.  No anchor left at all.

If you can make this one work, you’re ready for any other energy exercise I could give you. 🙂