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Pondering Old Issues For Me

This is going to be stream of consciousness for me; an effort to write out things I’ve been trying to work through lately. Maybe “talking it out” will gain me some perspective.

Well, first a small update for anyone that actually wants to read. My “project rebirth” thing was a wash for a while, SORT OF. I underwent spinal decompression therapy to try to reverse stage 3 spinal degeneration in my neck. The process broke down alot of internal scar tissue and left me pretty well sidelined for a while from the pain. I’m trying to get back on the horse again however.

The previous damage to my neck had done a major number on my spiritual gifts too. Energetic blockages. Blockages that have now been at least partially cleared up. You’d think that would be a good thing, BUT when you go from a hair over a muggle back to an ability as an empath that will let you sense people on the other side of the world, it’s… required major adjustment.

I’ve had to relearn old shielding techniques, and try to find new ones all while coping with a horrific amount of negative energy in the ether. This world is screaming in pain right now as “leaders” and media do everything they can to pit common people against each other. It’s overwhelming. The only real answer is to keep pushing through it; work on meditation, shielding and control.

And Then There Was THIS Blog…

So let’s be real here, I’ve done nothing with this blog for AGES. I’m shocked I still have any followers, LOL. Guess it helps that the info I provided thus far was good.

My major hangup about doing a spiritual blog is that the vast majority of spiritual people I’ve met online and in person seem quick to abuse their abilities, skirt common sense rules, AND react harshly when they’re advised caution. True even when they know better.

One such person I know did a tremendous amount of excellent writing on the dangers of spiritual attachments like cords and outright possession, but then admits to freely playing with ghosts. A good way to get burned, as ghosts can be just as deceptive and manipulative as anything from outside our realm. What’s worse; they aren’t bound by the same rules as those other things.

It’s always “I’m different, I can handle it” though. Aleister Crowley thought so too. All it took was one failure to properly close an Enochian ritual to twist him into “The Great Beast” though. On a more personal level, I had a student a good 20 years ago that got bitchy over the pace of her training and insisted on jumping into books on goetia (demon summoning) on her own. She got belligerent when told (by multiple people) it was something not to be messed with and then outright combative when I cut her off.

I could go on with other examples, like the lunatic who thought he was John the Baptist and tried to attack a friend and I both physically and spiritually, OR even the help mate who turned on me like a rabid dog after I broke a really nasty curse another witch had put on her. My crime? Advising her to be a better person so nobody did things like that to her again.

So yes… I wonder from a karma standpoint if creating a blog of techniques and advice is opening the door for people to things they’re not willing to handle responsibly. I hate to use the expression (because it sounds like I’m talking down), but am I effectively putting a gun into the hands of a child here? I don’t want that karma.

There IS the flip side argument though… To put it in Star Wars terms; “If we don’t train him, he’ll naturally drift to the Dark Side”. No easy answers.

I feel better for just “verbalizing” my doubts, but I’m still not much closer to an answer. The first thing I clearly have to do is get the empathic ability under control. Having an ability to sense and be influenced by spiritual energy with virtually global range and NO off switch sucks.

The Biggest Trick to Survival as an Empath

A post here is LONG overdue.  That said, let me just get straight to things so I avoid rambling.

This is one of those things that’s soooo simple I’m afraid it will get overlooked and discounted, much like God telling the Isrealites to look at Moses’ staff to be healed in the wilderness.  I see empaths making this mistake over and over again though, even when they should know better.

So what is the “trick”?  Do NOT be a slave to your feelings.  I know this runs contrary to popular culture, and much teaching (or talk at least) about empathic ability.  Feelings are sacred!  Feelings are power to shape the universe!  I understand getting caught up in that mess too.  I’ve had friends literally half a world away that I could sense everything going on in their lives.

Feelings are irrational and can lead you down dangerous paths sometimes.  The classic, hell stereotypical example of falling in love with a physically and emotionally abusive bad boy (or girl), for example.  Your heart can lead you astray when dealing with con artists and “players” also.  Then there’s just getting sucked into other peoples’ hate also.  Those kind of people feed on the negative energy you send them.

If you learn to pay attention to feelings without worshiping them…  Use your intellect to explore if they’re yours, somebody else’s or even rational, you can do ALOT to take back control of your emotional well being as well as your mental and physical health.

The alternative is becoming a person who is always consumed by sadness and drama, and attracting even more of it to you.  Remember, Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.  Optionally, you could get angry, bitter and withdraw from much of life.  That’s an even bigger hell for an empath.  No matter how much we think we’re introverts, we need other people around us.

Sadly, most empaths are so dependent upon their empathy as a radar and interpersonal communication guide, they don’t even realize that you can shield yourself from emotional energy just like any other form of spiritual energy.  You may have to cut spiritual attachment “cords” though to be truly effective.

One trick here that I’ve only recently figured out (there’s ALWAYS room to learn and grow) is to use a bubble shield and then “feel” the emotions hitting the shield without letting them through.  It’s been a godsend technique for me.

A Lesson From Hawaiian Huna

I had another article that I was going to do first, BUT I think this is important for laying the groundwork for the other post.  Heck, maybe I’ll cover more about Huna after this, as I’ve been fascinated by it for ages.  For those NOT in the know, Huna is a Hawaiian spiritual philosophy (not a religion).  There’s not a ton written about it.  That’s largely because it’s made up of 7 simple precepts.  However, the more you practice and think about them, the more you’ll realize how they connect and the deeper meanings and possibilities.

This isn’t the first precept, but it’s the one I’m going to talk about today.  Maybe I’ll do the others in future posts.  This one is a key concept for Empaths and anybody with spiritual gifts to grasp though:

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Odd but true story; I was reciting this one on my own (the exact wording) since I was 7 or 8 years old.  That was long before I’d heard of spirituality in any form beyond organized Christian religion.  Then again, I’ve been told I’m reincarnated from Mu (Lemuria); the mythical Polynesian ancestral home also.

If you think about it, nearly every school of spiritual teaching has SOME variation on this idea.  It’s a key principle in the Law of Attraction.  It’s a basic psychology concept too.  I think Huna puts it most concisely however.

So why is the concept important?  Because like energies attract.  That means you get more of what you focus on.  This is doubly dangerous for an empath.  Get caught up in negative emotions (usually not even your own), focus on them, and what you’re doing is drawing even more negative energy towards you (and into your system).  This is a common trap for emapths.  Its why so many of us stay miserable until some big event that’s charged with positive emotional energy shocks the empath out of their pattern.

The drivel nowadays that feelings are sacred and we should wallow in them endlessly only helps to deepen the trap.  Feelings are many things, but first and foremost they’re tools and meant to be balanced by the tool of intellect.

From any spiritual standpoint, never focus on the problem.  All you’ll do is feed it and make it bigger.  Acknowledge the problem, but put your focus on all the possible solutions.  You’ll draw positive energy to you and open the doors to a solution instead of perpetuating the problem.

As I mentioned earlier, this idea even carries over to psychology.  So whether you believe it’s a matter of spiritual energy or simple mindset, it holds true.

If you’re curious about the Law of Attraction aspect of this and why the LOA never seems to work for most poeople…  There’s a trick there also.  You don’t get what you want; you get what you believe you deserve.  That’s why egomaniacs and sociopaths always seem to to so well in life until karma catches up with them.  What you believe you deserve is always where the majority of your energy will go though.

If you REALLY want to change your life; learn to think positive, believe in your self worth (without becoming a narcissist) and remember that Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

Don’t Judge?

This concept came up yet again in Liz’s reply to my last post.  I think it’s one I have to voice an opinion on now.  The thing is, judging situations and people is an important part of life.  It’s doubly so for empaths if we’re to avoid being exploited and manipulated.  Let’s start with the obvious.  Is it wrong to judge:

  1. Pedophiles
  2. Murderers
  3. Rapists

I doubt anybody remotely rational would say it’s wrong.  I’ve met a few crazies that would excuse that kind of behavior though.  I think where some well-meaning people in the middle get tripped up is that they can’t or don’t want to understand that you can judge a behavior and person as wrong while still having some understanding of the circumstances that led a person to do something bad.  You can have sympathy for a drunk driver having  just been dumped, but that doesn’t excuse their killing 3 other people while driving drunk.


All of this sort of leads back to my post on boundaries.  We have to be able to make judgments about right and wrong, people and situations to be able to establish reasonable boundaries.  In my opinion, the key lies in the proper translation of that Bible verse: “Judge not unrighteous judgments, lest ye be judged”.  To me, that means you do NOT go for blood over an argument caused by somebody having a bad day.  The reaction has to rationally fit the situation, factoring in if it’s a repeating issue.

Another part of that is letting go of hate and anger.  OK, your significant other cheated on you and left (as another example).  It’s fair to say they’re a bad person.  It’s also fair to say you don’t want to see them again.  Beyond that, let it go.  Hanging onto hate only poisons your own soul, blocks your growth as a person and allows no room for better things to take the place of what you lost.  All of that is the start of proper, wise judgment.


Part of the reason I rally against the “no judgment” crowd is that it’s so often used as another way to manipulate people into saying they should have no standards, no discernment and no common sense.  These folks are sometimes doing things they know are morally or legally wrong and don’t want to be called on it, OR just use “don’t judge” as a way to shut down debate, and guilt or bully people into their point of view.  Ironically, the last type is VERY prone to judging people they disagree with.


So there you have it.  It’s perfectly fine to judge, just do so with wisdom and compassion.

False Compassion + An Update

Back among the living after a draining day yesterday with my step-father’s funeral.  He was ultimately a positive anchor for the family (mainly my mom) so I’m not looking forward to where things MAY go from here with him gone.  I get back to my blog and email after a day and a half, and I had 114 email notifications to go through.  Fun times. LOL.  Three hours later I’m done.

One post in particular that I read inspired today’s post here.  It was about how Walls Don’t Work.  Political commentary, but there’s a larger issue here, especially for empaths.

Walls & boundaries DO work.  Not perfectly.  NOTHING created by humans ever will work perfectly.  If there are no boundaries of any sort, people will walk all over you, so YES it’s OK to say NO.

BTW, the book “Boundaries” by Dr Henry Cloud is GREAT reading on how to set reasonable boundaries.

So how does false compassion tie into both personal boundaries and physical walls?  First we have to define it.  False compassion is an idea or action that FEELS good but does nothing to fix a problem or only makes it worse.  The easiest example is the stereotypical “Give a drunk a drink”.  They may feel better short term, but you’ve only prolonged their suffering.

Let’s go with another example here in my home town.  It’s a good one because it also illustrates how false compassion can negatively impact others as well.  We have a huge homeless population problem here.  Part of that problem is that they go through neighborhoods on trash pickup nights, ransack cans and dump trash all over the place.  There have been some ugly fights about the issue on a certain community based website network that I wont give publicity to also.  The false compassion crowd says people have no right to complain because home owners have more.  They virtue signal about how they give money to these homeless people also and how wonderful they are for doing it.

Point out that you’re doing nothing to change the situation for the homeless, that you’d be better off giving that money to shelters that help them get off the street, and you’re attacked as a selfish nazi.

The point here is that false compassion is a form of manipulation and emotional blackmail.  It guilts people wrongly into doing things, and often with the only benefit being it keeps the guilter from doing anything meaningful about the situation themself.

Let’s look at the border wall example.  First let me say I believe we need immigration reform along with the wall.  I’ve seen first hand that there ARE jobs Americans won’t do (A major sign of a dying civilization BTW), and good people deserve a shot at the American Dream also.

BUT…  If you boil the Wall issue down to a personal level, what you have is your neighbor saying that you have a bigger house and more things than they do.  Because of that, your neighbor’s family is ENTITLED to come in and take what they want, make use of the house any way they see fit, etc…  If you say anything about it, even objecting to ONE member of the family being a felon, then you’re a racist, nationalist, nazi, etc…

If you doubt that’s the mentality, remember the news footage of the caravan members throwing rocks and trying to rush the border to get past the Border Patrol there.

Again, I’m not heartless.  I believe we should help who we can, individually and as a country.  There’s a BIG difference between your neighbor asking for help dealing with a problem and demanding you fix it for them.

So yes, a wall is only a proper boundary.  It’s designed to help us control who comes into our country, just like a front door is designed to let you control who comes into your house.  Neither are a perfect defense.  Again, no such thing.  That front door can be kicked in, BUT it’s a strong start, isn’t it?

The VAST majority of people from Central and South America are honest, very hard working people.  They deserve a chance to come here temporarily to work or to try to become citizens.  We also have a right and a moral obligation to the public to make a real effort to keep the drugs, gang members and human traffickers OUT however.

And again, the lesson spills back over to surviving as an empath also.  You have a right to establish boundaries, not be used by people, and maintain control of YOUR life.  There are people you want to let into your life, and some you want to exclude.  That’s fine, and don’t let anybody guilt trip and manipulate you into believing otherwise.  Often, it’s just an excuse to become an emotional drain on you.

An Important Update

I squeezed in another page today, as so many people seem to be struggling with letting go of drama, or having self-doubt hold them back.  I needed to remind myself about the exercise described in this post also.

So what does this exercise do and who does it benefit?  It’s for people who feel really beat down by an issue.  If you’re the type who watches these Navy SEAL-esque “Just Do It” videos that so many gurus seem to be putting out, and only get annoyed by them and feel you can’t do it, this might be for you.  The trouble with those rah-rah videos and blog posts is that they don’t take into account that you have to see the possibility of success for them to be motivated.

If you’ve been so beat down for years by a problem that you can’t see that possibility…  That defeat is actually ingrained in your system, this can help.  The only other option I’ve seen work is when a person hits rock bottom and gets sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Really though, who wants to go THAT route?

The principle behind the exercise is that issues so big have a dual nature.  There’s the energy or emotional component and the mental processes (memories and thought patterns) as well.  The mental processes are what most self improvement and psychology focus on.  What they miss is that the spiritual and emotional energy can and do act as an anchor to keep those memories and beliefs stuck in your head.

Cut out the energetic component and the thought patterns lose their reinforcement.  THEN, you actually CAN just do it.

Here’s the exercise:

Advanced Clearing Exercise

Triple Goose Egg…

Just a little bit of grumbling here…

Three days with zero views.  That despite the fact I added 11 pages to the blog,split between 2 directory tabs that count as pages.

I guess people aren’t that interested after all…  I’m going to give it a few more days before I decide about shutting this down.

Finally Something Useful

As promised in my last post, I’ve added some general information about spiritual energy to the blog, and a few psychic self defense basics also.

The articles are on pages in the main menu above, and each ‘article’ is meant to be read in order.  As always, this is simply what’s worked for me, and my personal opinion.  If something different has worked for you, great.


I know it looks like I’ve been neglecting this blog in favor of the writing one, BUT I am doing a great deal of work behind the scenes.  I have a half dozen pages in first draft stage and after a little editing, they should be ready to go.  🙂

I’m honestly amazed I’ve gotten as much done as I have.  The last few days have been fairly busy.  More than all the stuff I’ve had to take care of, the family crap surrounding my step-father’s death is working my last good nerve.

My mom is showing early signs of backsliding into her old bitchy persona that caused me to shut the family out for 20 years.  Too many snarky remarks for my liking.

My uncle…  Well, he’s got the world’s most inappropriate sense of humor, and he drinks a bit too much also, which only makes it worse.  When my mom called him to let him know that my stepfather was on his death bed, my uncle offered to drive up and bring his gun.

My brother…  He’s absorbed my mom’s negativity over the years and trash talks everybody behind their back, telling distorted accounts of events, making character assassinations, etc…  His BS is a large contributor to the conflict that kept me away for years. Did I mention he’s a total drunk also?

Anyway, after he and my mom spent years poisoning my step-father’s family against me, I was reluctant to come up and say goodbye.  He died about an hour before we arrived also.  Soooo, my brother decides he’s going to play the self-righteous jackass (doesn’t it suck never knowing what redheads really think? LOL) and he’s not talking to me now because I didn’t want to visit.  Never mind he didn’t come to visit my mom at all on Thursday after the death.  He just went to work as if it was business as normal.  Hypocrite.

Nothing but conflict and drama… God I can’t wait to move away from all of them later this year.  It’s taking way too much effort to keep my spiritual and physical energy up.

Grounding Spirituality in Reality

I’ve been fascinated by spirituality and religion for decades.  My empathic ability surfaced early as a kid.  So, I’ve cautiously read and watched for most of my life.  Even as a kid, I seemed to instinctively know this is a subject rife with pitfalls and figurative land mines.  I’ve seen people become unhinged with wild beliefs of all varieties.

Aside from actual spiritual shielding techniques, the best defense against this kind of thing is fact checking and staying grounded in reality.  If you think you’re a great magician, but you can’t do anything to visibly affect the physical world, maybe you need to question if you’re really working any magic.

Past lives are the easiest example, and an area I see people commonly go off the rails with.  It’s easy to do because past lives are just memories; relatively harmless, right?  Not so much IF they reinforce negative beliefs or are so far off base that they become the start of outright delusional beliefs.

Let me give an example of the ‘reinforcing negative beliefs’ aspect:

A Wiccan friend of mine believes she was burned at the stake for witchcraft sometime around the 13th or 14th century in France.  She was so wrapped up in her identity as a persecuted group that she could not be convinced otherwise.  So, what is the problem with her belief?  First, I was there and saw that she was actually framed in a conspiracy against the village’s ruling noble and his murder.

AFTER I saw this insight, I also did some research.  It turns out at that time in France, beheading was how witches were executed.  What was burning at the stake used for at that point in France?  Treason.

This doesn’t change that witches were persecuted.  The wrong interpretation DOES matter though.  She may have seen the past lifetime as a warning to be careful of who she associates with in this lifetime (as one explanation).  Instead, she applied current life biases to it and only took from it that she’s always been a victim.  That kind of thinking robs one of their personal power.

I’ll toss out another example of my own.  It falls more into the realm of possible delusional thinking.  I saw a past life where I left my village in ancient Greece after a bad breakup, and eventually became leader of an elite military unit serving the temple of Athena.  Yes, I was a man in this supposed lifetime.  Later, I returned to that village to defend it from an attack by a very large group of organized bandits.

There are a couple of problems here; First is that I’ve never heard of or read anything indicating that temples had standing military units separate from the armies of the various Greek city states.  Secondly is that the whole battle played out a little too much like the movie 300.  I had seen the movie at that point also, so it has be be considered as a likely subconscious influence.  We won though, so there was THAT difference.

Still, there were too many holes and potential problems with this supposed account for me to take it seriously.  At the very least, I wasn’t recalling or interpreting things clearly.  At the worst, it was some kind of subconscious creation intended to boost a damaged ego.

Willingness to look at spiritual experiences and events with a skeptical but still open mind can prevent major issues.


So how, in my opinion, do you handle things like my possible life in Lemuria where there are little if any historical accounts?  Don’t take it as gospel, keep an open mind and look for synchronicity.  The Aquaman movie events being one example there.  Another being that since the time I was little, I would spout the phrase “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” and understood it’s meaning.  This is an almost universal saying among spiritual groups around the world.  HOWEVER, this EXACT wording is pretty much unique to Hawaiian Huna and is one of it’s seven tenets.  Why does that matter?  Hawaiians believe they are descendants of Lemuria (Mu) and were led to the Islands by their shark goddess.  Again, NOT conclusive scientific proof, but enough to indicate there’s something there.  At the very least, God or the Universe is trying to tell me there’s an important message in that memory.


I hope this gets the blog off on the right foot and establishes that I’m going to take rational looks at things here.  There’s no heaven’s gate or Jonestown cult here, and there never will be.  Yes, some spiritual things have to be taken on faith.  For some folks, no amount of proof would be enough for things like Empathic ability, ghosts or telekinesis.  That doesn’t mean we can’t try to have a rational, open minded discussion here.